After ten years the European championship wins again!

After ten years the European championship wins again!

Livewire Team driver Péter Bíró participated in the European Jettribe Jetski Championship 2017 in the Pochlarns of Austria on 05-09 July. The new Jet-Ski and his effort flipped to the top of the podium.

After ten years the European championship wins again! In 2007, Péter was the first EB victory. Then he managed to reject a Spanish and a Norwegian competitor and now he had to fight for a first place with a French and an Austrian rival. In the past few years, the eastern region has been extremely affirmed! The Ijsba Europa championship Master Pro GP ranking was hit by a huge battle. Last but not least, it must be added that last year’s Champion has achieved the outstanding achievement.

Congratulations on the entire Livewire Team!


Eurotour 2017 – Austria – Official Video – Day 2

Közzétette: Ijsba European Championship – 2017. július 6.


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